HIC Suncare 4oz bottle SPF 30

PRICE: $11.95

SKU: hic30
HIC Suncare 4oz bottle SPF 50

PRICE: $11.95

SKU: hic50
HIC Suncare Lip Balm SPF 30

PRICE: $3.95

SKU: hiclb

PRICE: $9.95

SKU: dk4620-500
Xplorer 2 windmeter by Skywatch

Built in Switzerland, the skywatch Xplorer2 windmeter is a extremely accurate way to measure the wind and know exactly what size kite to rig up.  Small and compact, the Xplorer2 is one of the easiest ways to know what the wind is doing before you hit the water, and how cold your going to be when you get there.

PRICE: $69.95

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